We are happy to announce a special content partnership with QS's TopMBA.com and QSLEAP.com. This partnership strengthens our continuous efforts to improve candidate experience.

This partnership will allow you to integrate the videos on your MBATUBE.com profile into your school profiles on TopMBA.com and QSLEAP.com. This will provide candidates with relevant and updated video content on all profiles, all the time. You can now easily manage and monitor your videos from within your MBATUBE.com dashboard accross all channels.

To ensure that there is continuous engagement between school profiles and candidates on both TopMBA and QSLEAP, videos uploaded to your MBATUBE.com profile will also be shared on the news feeds of registered candidates, for the schools they shortlisted in the system.

We are very happy to announce this integration, and we recommend that you create your FREE MBATUBE.com account (if you have not done so already) to manage your latest and greatest videos that you wish to integrate across these platforms.

If you have not registered a QS TopMBA or QS LEAP profile yet, please contact QS at tmsupport@qs.com  
Contact us if you do not see your videos shown on these partner pages at info@mbatube.com


1. We have joined forces with QS TopMBA and QS LEAP to boost your video views.
    Check out the CHANNEL-tab in your school dashboard for more information.

2. Generate leads though our new brochure-download function.
    Check out the LEADS-tab in your school dashboard for more information.

REMEMBER to upload your brochure and school website url in your PROFILE-tab!

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@mbatube.com