$250 million in MBA loans secured: Get the lowest private student loan rates with Juno
Juno uses group buying power to negotiate better student loan rates. Rates negotiated exclusively for members start at 1.04% APR 1. The Lowest Private MBA Student Loan Interest Rate.

After being admitted to Harvard Business School, Chris Abkarians gathered 700 students from 10 schools and negotiated lower rates for the entire group, saving around $15,000 each. Together with his classmate, Nikhil Agarwal, Chris co-founded Juno, a student-first initiative offering lower rates on student loans. MBAGRADSCHOOLS spoke to Chris about Juno, how it works, and what advice he has for students to make their MBA financing less daunting.

00:00 - Intro
02:44 - Convincing lenders that Juno members are low risk
04:03 - Financing your MBA at Harvard Business School
06:48 - How your MBA helped to grow Juno
09:24 - Educating members about the impact of a student loan
11:44 - The name "Juno"
13:04 - The first steps for applying for a student loan
15:36 - Do you need an admissions letter before applying for a loan?
16:17 - Is there a minimum or maximum you can borrow?
17:32 - Who can apply for a loan through Juno?
19:07 - Advice to students seeking a student loan?
Uploaded on Jul 09, 2021

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