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Executive MBA talks - Public speaking skills and presentation design
How do you engage an audience and what does it take to create an effective presentation? In this free webinar for candidates interested in our Executive MBA, Brandon Kirby, Director of Marketing & Admissions, gives you actionable ways to become a better public speaker. Learn more about our Executive MBA here: https://www.rsm.nl/mba/executive-mba/the-executive-mba-at-rsm/

7:07 Presentation preparation
7:59 Ideation and creation
9:45 To Powerpoint or not to Powerpoint
11:35 Three tips to a better Powerpoint
11:47 Consistency
15:24 Tell a story
16:06 Images set the tone
21:05 Mental preparation
25:00 All the world's a stage
27:30 Checklist
28:25 Know your audience
29:44 Network before the presentation
30:56 Ask the host
32:00 During the presentation
32:08 Channeling energy
32:59 Ease into it
34:20 Pace and diction
36:40 Reset spot & stage awareness
37:56 Establishing credibility
39:38 Reading a room
42:15 Audience engagement
44:35 Online presentation
45:38 Practice
46:46 Phone a friend
48:15 Multitasking
49:10 Audience engagement pt 2
50:35 Difficult questions
52:42 Powerpoint is a crutch
52:59 Have fun
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