Cookie Consent by How does my business actually work? The power of an MBA for engineers
How does my business actually work? The power of an MBA for engineers
Giacomo Riboni 🇮🇹 - HKUST MBA
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The HKUST MBA is an ideal program for engineers who are hoping to kickstart their business careers. We spoke with a recent graduate of the program to learn what the course taught him, his reasons for choosing HKUST, and how an MBA for engineers is immensely valuable.

00:00 - Giacomo Riboni 🇮🇹 - HKUST MBA
01:00 - What did you do before your MBA?
02:55 - Why did you decide to do an MBA?
05:02 - Why an MBA at HKUST?
07:06 - The value of an MBA for an Engineer?
09:03 - Skills you learned in the MBA, which you are applying today?
10:41 - How has the MBA experience changed you?
13:09 - Advice for future MBA students
Uploaded on Aug 01, 2022

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