Is Hong Kong the next study destination for European MBA students?
Mattia Palesa started his entrepreneurial journey at a tech company that worked in price comparison between grocery stores in Malaysia. He completed his MBA from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), nestled in one of Asia’s financial hubs: Hong Kong. The degree gave him a competitive edge over other European MBA programs in the realm of entrepreneurship.

00:00 - Mattia Palesa
00:35 - Why did you choose to study at CUHK Business School?
01:09 - What did you do before MBA?
01:34 - How was your experience moving to Hong Kong?
02:25 - Is Asia becoming tough competition to the west when it comes to business education?
03:25 - How did the learnings at CUHK help your career?
04:07 - What are the focal points of the CUHK MBA?
04:41 - How was your experience studying entrepreneurship in Asia?
05:22 - What is your current professional position?
05:54 - Tell us a bit about your journey at HelloFresh
06:42 - How did CUHK MBA facilitate your entrepreneurial career?
07:35 - How multicultural is CUHK?
08:16 - As a European, why did you choose Hong Kong over the US or Europe?
Uploaded on Jan 27, 2023

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