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Managing Through Crisis: What Is Crisis Management?
In such uncertain times, we look to our leaders, but how do you manage an organization through COVID-19—a crisis unlike any we've ever experienced? Professor Dutch Leonard and CMCO Brian Kenny use Zoom to discuss crisis management and what actions leaders can take now. Navigation: 0:57 - Dutch's role in the Bloomberg Mayor's Initiative 4:24 - How do you define crisis management? 6:13 - What were you hoping to achieve in publishing "20 Things for Organizational Leaders to Know About COVID-19"? 7:53 - What's the most important thing a leader can do in a time like this? 13:08 - What should firms and leaders be thinking about how they communicate with stakeholders, employees, customers etc? 15:28 - Is it tone-deaf for businesses to try to be opportunistic in a time like this? 18:16 - What are the pitfalls leaders should be thinking about at this time? What are some things they should avoid? 20:23 - If there's one takeaway from what you've talked about today, what would that be?
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