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Mariana Possari Goncalves 🇧🇷 - Essec Business School
Meet Mariana Possari Goncalves 🇧🇷 - Essec Business School MBA

00:00​​ - intro
00:50 - What is your professional background?
01:40 - Hotel School vs. Business School
03:50 - What does Business School prepare you for?
06:03 - What made it the perfect time to do an MBA?
07:35 - Why did you choose Essec Business School?
08:55 - How 'French' is Essec Business School?
10:31 - What MBA specialization tracks can you choose from?
11:16 - What goals did you set for yourself post MBA?
12:43 - Any 'AHA!' moments during your MBA?
13:48 - Your advice to other hospitality professionals considering an MBA?
Uploaded on Apr 08, 2021

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