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Uploaded on Jul 21, 2021

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NFT’s Fad or Future - Fine Art International Management MBA Webinar Series
Just last year, non-fungible tokens or NFTs, were relatively unknown outside of a small group of IT experts. Since then they have become the hottest property in the art world as sales of blockchain encrypted digital art have fetched tens of millions of dollars at auction.

Are NFTs just a lockdown fad or have they changed the course of art history? Hosted by Geneva Business School, who this September will be launching a first of its kind MBA focusing specifically on the fine art sector, our panel of art experts discuss the implications of the NFT boom for the art market and how they will impact the complex world of art investment.

Interested in learning more about our Fine Art International Management MBA? Contact our admissions team for more information:

Guest Speakers:
Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO, Wisekey
Fabian Bocart, Chief Data Scientist, Artnet
Ty Murphy, Art Specialist, DOMOS
Dino Lewkowicz, Director, 4ARTechnologies
Sixtine Crutchfield, Geneva Business School
Program Director, Fine Art International Management MBA

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00:00 - Intro
00:09 - Welcome to the Webinar
01:06 - Let's meet the Speakers
09:13 - How sustainable is digital storage?
12:50 - What are NFTs?
18:14 - Authentication with NFTs
20:47 - How expensive are NFTs?
26:16 - How difficult is it?
37:11 - Regulations and Governments
46:10 - Documentation and Ownership
50:33 - Q&A

1:01:09 - The new FAIM Program
1:01:55 - Outro


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