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Hybrid Systems: How to get rid of my diesel generator? – MBA Renewables Alumni Conference 2018
"Why do you want to get rid of your diesel generator in the first place?" Lars Koerner, Project Director at Renewables Academy and Expert in Rural Electrification using Renewable Energy points out possible factors. Lowering the cost of electricity might be one of the reasons why you would want to get rid of your diesel generator. We are looking at an interactive presentation which summarizes amonst others answers to the following questions? What are identifying features of a PV-diesel hybrid system? When is a generator used in a PV-diesel hybrid system? How is the path to a stand-alone PV system? In order to get rid of the diesel generator: How do I get from a "brown field project" (meaning: having a generator somewhere) to a complete PV stand-alone system – running on solar only? Lars Koerners' talk is part of the expertise exchange approach at MBA Renewables 2nd Alumni Conference 2018. The Alumni Conference enables exchange and international networking. MBA Renewables graduates constitute a multicultural group of experts with diverse focuses on the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields, thus making the Alumni Conference an excellent platform for discussing this years motto "Perspectives of Renewable Power Generation for On-grid and Off-grid Power Supply". "In the next four days we will listen to talks by renewable energy experts, we will hear about recent projects from some of our MBA alumni", Caroline gives an overview of the Alumni Conference Programme. The MBA Renewables starts annually, and you can apply by September 1st. Learn more about the application process: http://www.mba-renewables.de/application/1st-step.html The distance learning programme MBA Renewables, jointly offered by the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin and the Renewables Academy (RENAC), is designed to equip future leaders with advanced interdisciplinary management skills for executive positions in the highly globalised market of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Graduates can pursue career paths along the whole green energy value chain, from private sector to public organisations, financing institutions and consultancies. If you would like to participate in the MBA Renewables programme visit our website at: http://www.mba-renewables.de/home.html #renewables #mba #energyefficiency #renewableenergy #mbarenewables #distancelearningprogramme #alumniconference
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